Terry McMillan Shares the Heart of Her Work at HPLQ

Terry McMillan writes about what breaks her heart, what she doesn’t understand, and what she wishes she could change. On February 6th, Terry spent the evening sharing her inner thoughts on life, love and writing during the Houston Public Library Quarterly (HPLQ) authors’ series.

The event was hosted by KHOU’s Deborah Duncan and shared insights from McMillan’s almost thirty years of entertaining and inspiring readers everywhere.

Her New York Times bestselling books include Waiting to ExhaleA Day Late and a Dollar ShortThe Interruption of EverythingHow Stella Got Her Groove BackGetting to HappyDisappearing Acts, and Who Asked You?

McMillan’s work has transcended demographics and created an empathic and inclusive world for readers today.

Stay tuned to find out about upcoming Houston Public Library Quarterly events sponsored by the HPL Foundation.

I didn’t read much as a child, because we didn’t have books at home, but we did have a bookmobile that my siblings and I appreciated from time to time. I really started reading at 14, when I got a job as a page in our local library. It was when I started getting lost in books. It was magical.
Terry McMillan