TECHLink is Houston Public Library's multimedia and technology center that provides customers specially designed spaces, technology, instruction and tools and equipment for music and video production, digital animation, graphic design, photo editing, multimedia presentations and coding.


  • Technology specialists that uguide and assist customers
  • Technology based programs
  • Classes and workshops
  • Programming based on individualized community needs
  • Testing hub for professional certifications


TECHLink is an ENVIRONMENT THAT empowers

  • Creativity
  • Self Expression
  • Collaboration


TECHLink is a

  • Music Studio
  • Video Production Studio
  • Digitization Studio
  • Maker Space
  • Multimedia and Learning Hub


If you can think it, you can create it in a TECHLink:

Write and record your own songs

Record videos for your own YouTube Channel

Design digital artwork

Print a poster in full color

Develop your own website

Convert old vinyl records into digital music files

Create your own comic book, cartoon or animation

Create 3D images out of scanned objects

Turn VHS tapes into DVDs

Create multimedia presentations

Experience virtual reality

Scan and preserve family photos

Produce booklets, pins, buttons and more



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