The Houston Public Library is the great equalizer in Houston, creating opportunities and accessibility for all.


The Houston Public Library Foundation unites partners who value lifelong learning.

What We Believe

The Houston Public Library Foundation values operating with greater cross-cultural understanding and believes the diversity of our community is one of Houston’s significant strengths. Embracing diversity is understanding, accepting, and valuing differences between people including those of different races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, abilities, and sexual orientations. Inclusion is combining individuals from different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to build a stronger community.

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Advocacy For Books and Beyond

More than access to free books, the library offers access to the culture of our community.

Libraries are essential to building strong neighborhoods and provides a gathering place for people of diverse backgrounds. As a physical representation of our social structure, the library is a place for the youth, the elderly, the affluent and the under privileged. Consider the library as the “living room” of our neighborhoods where all are freely welcomed.

Libraries and library programs are vital to improving the quality of our communities. The Houston Public Library provides programs that spans a wide range of interest and passions. Educational classes, summer camps, book clubs and social events offer the public with an opportunity to be with and learn from one another. Our libraries are the foundation of a civil society.

We are stronger together. Public and private sectors can unite to reach higher levels of involvement. Through advocacy and support, we will continue to build better communities through library programs.